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Our Start to Finish Service

At Absolute Renewable Energy, we make the process of ordering and fitting Solar PV Panel systems as smooth as possible and we'll keep you informed at all stages.

The industry is strictly regulated by the guidelines and procedures laid down by the MCS (Micro Generation Certification Scheme) and RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code), and as accredited members, we adhere to them rigorously. Our success in the industry is testimony to our great customer service and quality systems. After all, a large proportion of our business comes from recommendations from satisfied customers. From our initial advisor’s visit through to satisfied installation and system presentation we take care of you.


Absolute Type of Installation

Initial Survey

During the pre-arranged appointment, one of our experienced surveyors will explain how Solar PV Panel systems work and the financial benefits they bring including the government's Feed in Tariff scheme. They will use our state of the art software system to calculate the suitability of your property for a Solar PV system and provide a tailor made system design with an illustration of the potential earnings and savings. If appropriate, they will explain our excellent funding packages we have available.

  • Absolute Order, a six page document that summarises the details of the system, its performance and the agreed price, is signed, dated and sent to our head office for registration.
  • Deposit, the agreed amount is usually paid by debit / credit card over the phone. Alternatively it can be paid by cheque or bank transfer.
  • Finance Documentation, if chosen, an agreement is signed, dated and sent to head office to initiate the agreement with the finance company. 

Absolute Installations

Allocation of your Project Coordinator

Once the contract has been agreed and received at our head office, all details are entered onto our system. Before moving on to the next stage, we make certain administrative checks.

We also carry out a Technical Check using advanced mapping technology to ensure any major anomalies are highlighted early in the process. Once everything has been verified, you will be allocated your personal Project Coordinator who will guide your order through to completion.

  • Order Acknowledgement Pack, as a welcome to Absolute, we send a pack that includes the statement of order (with receipt of deposit paid) showing the balance to be paid. We also send product information, our recommendation scheme and relevant contact details.
  • RECC Part 1 Registration, as part of our duty to the Renewable Energy Code, we register the fact there has been an order made. There is no confidential financial information shared with them. 

Absolute Solar PV Installation

Preparation for your Installation

After all the checks have been done, we will contact you to arrange a convenient date for installation of your Absolute Solar PV system. Once the agreed date is in the diary, a number of processes are organised:

  • Scaffold, a team is instructed to erect scaffolding a few working days before the installation date. We only use the correct access equipment and we follow all the latest safety guidelines so that our fitters can work confidently and safely.
  • Installation Team, a team including the panel fitter and qualified electrician are booked.
  • Product, the product components are collated into a kit and delivered to the installation team.
  • Energy Performance Certification, is organised via an independent assessor to arrange a survey with you to ascertain you current home's energy performance rating. The assessment is carried out according to strict government procedure and statistics. A copy of the certificate will be sent to you after completion of the installation.

Absolute Renewable Energy Aurora Inverter


All our fitting teams are equipped to deal with the vast majority of situations so most installations should not take longer than a day.

We request that our customers are present during installation to allow internal access, answer any queries that may arise, to run through the system and to confirm that the job has been completed to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Our qualified Electrical Team will install your internal components and connect this to your consumer unit (fuse box) making your system ready for use, with the minimum amount of disruption, ensuring a neat and professional finish.
  • Finance Company Satisfaction Note, if the project is being funded through one of the finance companies, a satisfaction note must be completed by the customer and given to the installation team.   
  • Once your Solar PV system has been installed all you have to do is notify your utility company so that you can set up your Feed in Tariff, Absolute will help complete all necessary paperwork. These forms must be completed and returned to the electricity company in order to claim the Tariff.  

Absolute Renewable Installers

Post Installation

On successful completion, you will be asked for the final balance cash or cheque to the installer or by debit/credit card over the phone to head office. Under the rules of MCS, we cannot progress to final paperwork until final payment is made. In turn, the installation cannot be registered to receive the Feed in Tariff.

On payment, there are a number of jobs we need to do to complete the paperwork required - this will take between 3 and 5 working days.

  • Micro Generation Scheme Certification, we need to register your installation with the scheme and produce certification for you. Details on the certification are required to help complete the Electricity Company Feed in Tariff forms.
  • Absolute Guarantee, we issue a 10 year guarantee that covers you for both workmanship and product. In most cases our guarantee exceeds that of the manufacturers. Its terms have also been approved by RECC.
  • Insurance Backed Guarantee, a guarantee is issued that covers you and your installation in the unlikely event that Absolute Renewable Energy cease to trade during the guarantee period. This is provided by Independent Warranty Association (IWA).
  • Building Regulation Certificate, All our electrical work is carried out by certified electricians to the required regulations and as stipulated by RECC. We register the project and issue you with a certificate.
  • Final Invoice and Statement, 2 copies of each are sent out with the final documents so that 1 can be sent off with your Feed in Tariff form to your energy supplier and 1 copy for your own records.   

This paperwork will have the information required to complete your Feed in Tariff forms and send them direct to your electricity provider.

We will also send you details of our fantastic 'Ambassador' referral scheme. 

Absolute Ambassador Scheme

Typical Time Schedule

This chart illustrates the duration of a typical Solar PV Panel system installation from the point of order. Of course, we will always endeavour to organise timings to your convenience wherever possible. The timings are also based on a typical installation but as you will appreciate with so many elements to progress they can only be indicative.

Your Project Coordinator will inform you of your installation plan, and in the unlikely event of any changes we'll let you know as soon as possible. If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact your Project Coordinator - or ask for the appropriate department.


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